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General Description
The 1-1/2 thru 8 inch (DN40 thru DN200), Model DV-5 Deluge Valves are diaphragm type valves designed for vertical or horizontal installation and for fire protection system service. They are used as “automatic water control valves” in deluge, preaction, and special types of fire protection sys- tems such as foam-water and double interlock systems. When properly trimmed, the DV-5 Valves are also able to provide actuation of fire alarms upon system operation.
The diaphragm style design of the DV-5 Valve allows external resetting — providing for easy resetting of a deluge or preaction system without having to open a valve handhole cover to manually reposition a clapper and/or latch mechanism. Simply re- pressurizing the diaphragm chamber resets the valve.
The one-piece, diaphragm style de- sign of the DV-5 also allows internal and external coating of the valve to provide corrosion resistance. The in- ternal corrosion resistance offered by the Rilsan coating makes the DV-5 suitable for most seawater and brack- ish water supplies when utilized in del-uge systems. The external corrosion resistance of the Rilsan coating per- mits the use of the DV-5 in corrosive atmospheres associated with many types of industrial processing plants and outdoor installations.

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