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YG12C Roll Groover


Product Description


The Model YG12C hydraulic roll groover, powered by 750W induction motor, is capable of grooving up to 12”Sch 10 and 6” Sch 40 standard wall pipes.

“All in one”design of drive shaft for convenient replacement changing.

The YG12C comes with standard support legs, the unit can be set up quickly.

The induction motor ensures steady and quiet working.




Motor: 750W induction, 50/60Hz

Switch: ON/OFF heavy duty switch.

Spindle Speed: 24 RPM

Capacity: 2”-12” Sch. 10 steel, stainless steel.

                 2”-6” Sch. 10/40 steel, stainless steel.

Weight:120 kg


Standard Equipment


Model YG12C grooving machine.

One 2”-6” Schedule 10/40 Roll Set for steel.

One 8”-12”Schedule 10 Roll Set for steel.

Model 1106 Pipe Support Stand.


Ordering Information


Catalog No Model No. Description
  YG12C Hydraulic Roll Groover, 220V/50Hz
  YG12C Hydraulic Roll Groover, 110V/60Hz





Catalog No. Model No. Description
    Roll Set for 2”-6”
  -- Roll Set for 8”-12”
  1106 Pipe support stand

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